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Books, which are "the treasured wealth" of man's genius, deserve to be well & beautifully bound.

For many years now our family has provided Universities, Hospitals, Legal Firms, Government Departments and many other Private Libraries with our first class Bookbinding Services. Now into our third generation of Bookbinders we hope to continue this service for many more years to come. We have some of the best machinery for this type of work, which enables us to be very competitive and still produce a superior product.

The major services we provide are the binding of:

❖ Magazines, journals and newspapers
❖ Theses and resumes
❖ Limited editions
❖ Leather bound personal papers
❖ Historical letters
❖ Special business reports and proposals
❖ Club newsletters
❖ School / college yearbooks
❖ Photograph albums
❖ Keep sakes/ mementos
❖ Loose leaf recipes or notes
❖ Restoration and rebinding of worn or damaged books


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